Over APG

APG, sterk in collectief en solidair pensioen

APG Asset management (Onderdeel van APG)

With total assets under management of over 500 billion euro, APG Asset Management is one of the largest asset managers in the world. In contrast to many asset managers, the majority of our assets are managed internally, which allows our employees to bear responsibility for their own investing decision, thereby working at the front end of the global financial markets. Through our core values, we differentiate ourselves from traditional investment firms, such as investment banks and trading houses. We are a market leader in the field of responsible investing with our very ambitious sustainable investing policy. We have a very clear objective to obtain investment returns that are attractive and sustainable to ensure high-quality pension benefits for 4.7 million pension participants. We achieve this by attracting very talented employees, offering them a position in which they can make a difference, while maintaining an attractive work-life balance and offering competitive salaries.