Data Scientists, Machine Learning experts (junior tot senior level)

ING Bank
Fulltime job


Passionate about your field of work: Data Science. Key developments in the Data Science area. Experimenting with new algorithms, packages and tools. Think Forward! Is that you? Please read further:

Your willingness to learn not only shows in the technical area, but also how you develop your interpersonal skills. As a creative and curious Data Scientist, you’re looking forward to solve a wide variety of real-world business problems. From your thorough understanding of the latest algorithms and tooling, you’re able to see where ING can further improve using Big Data. And you have the programming skills to show the value in a pilot/experiment.

You are experienced in the approach to transform data to added value for customers. You’re always thinking one step ahead, for example in advising about the best way of implementation. You are able to look at things from a different perspective and are entrepreneurial to make original solutions work in real-life. Next to creative, you are also persistent. If the problem is hard to crack or a technical solution hard to get to work, you keep trying different approaches until it does work.

You have solid communication skills that enable you to work together with many different parties throughout our organization. Your enthusiasm and passion is contagious, mobilizing people to capture the tremendous value that Data Science brings to customers of ING.

You like working in cross-functional teams to realize an ambitious goal. Asking for help to the other top Data Scientists in the team, but also helping them out by sharing your knowledge and capabilities with them. When needed, you are able and willing to guide junior Data Scientists and interns in their work.

We only hire people with exceptional talents and capabilities!

As a Data Scientist, you have a deep understanding and experience with:

  • Machine Learning: Classification, Regression, Clustering, Association Rules, Text Mining. You have an excellent understanding of Random Forests, Neural Networks, Logistic Regression, SVM, KNN, K-Means, LDA, etc.
  • Programming Languages: Python, R. Scala is a pre
  • Tools: Spark, Hadoop (ecosystem), MapReduce
  • Database handling: SQL, Hive. Familiar with Oracle, Netezza, HBase, Cassandra, Graph databases
  • Visualisation tools: D3.js, Shiny, Angular

Your background:

  • MSc or PhD with excellent academic results in the field of Computer Science/Machine Learning and/or Mathematics/Statistics
  • As as Senior 5 years of experience in the Predictive Analytics work field
  • Fluent in written and spoken English. Although Dutch is a nice-have, it is not necessary.
  • Experience in working in an Agile/Scrum way would be great

Competences and skills:

  • Analytical and content strength (in DS work field): sees which DS techniques apply to the business problem at hand, able to structure the approach and a good programmer
  • Willingness to learn: open to feedback, develops on the technical and the interpersonal level
  • Teamplayer: strikes effective balance between independence and acting in the interest of the team
  • Perseverance: doesn’t give up when a problem is hard, knows how to deal with set-backs
  • Strong communication skills: written and spoken English need to be convincing
  • Entrepreneurial: takes up responsibility and makes it happen
  • Creative: thinks out of the box
  • Enthusiasm: has contagious level of enthusiasm to inspire others to act, based on self-example

We offer:

  • Ambition to become the best Data Scientist team (in Banking).
  • Real Data Scientist colleagues. Data Diva-like behavior is not our cup of tea.
  • Great salary and other terms
  • National or Global career possibilities
  • Start-up spirit
  • Great mix in research, strategic, operational & enterpreneurial assigments.

In need of further information or ready to apply?

We are very much interested in meeting you, but we would like to know a bit more about you.  With your application we would like to receive an enthousiastic answer to 4 questions;

1. What is the achievement you are most proud of (professional or personal)? 

2. What is the most important interpersonal skill you have improved in the past year to become a more effective data scientist?

3. What are your salary expectations?

4.share a code sample you're very proud of (of course something data science / machine learning related)

We're very sorry, but without this questionnaire we cannot shortlist you for this position.

For more information please contact Magdalena Pietrzak at ​