As a banker you manage the assets of different clients, either individuals or entities. This can be done in a wide variety of ways. For instance, you could be employed by companies or individuals to assist them in making the right decisions concerning their investments. Two key qualities for this kind of asset management are good and thorough knowledge of the different markets and a constant eye on the stock markets. Moreover, you have to be aware of new financial products and the world news that affects the portfolio of your client.

If making real time decisions about your clients’ money sounds too heavy for you, you could also consider becoming a financial adviser. As an adviser, you use your knowledge about assets, derivatives, options, the stock exchange, tax laws and all the other aspects of finance to advise your clients about the way to handle their bank accounts in order to reach their financial goals.

From the above mentioned, one can conclude that jobs in banking are exciting and will challenge you on a day to day basis. The challenge not only lies in being up to date about all the financial aspects that influence the portfolios but also in having contact with your clientele and how to interact with them in a constructive manner.