Data Science

We currently live in a time of great data overload with an immense shortage of professionals able to deal with it. Due to this discrepancy, good data analysts are a valuable asset and extremely wanted in the current market. This great need stems from an extreme amount of data gathering that has been initiated in recent times and a profound complexity of dealing with it. What is relevant and what is not? How can data be used to its true potential? 

As a data analyst, you are able to import, clean, transform, validate and model data in order to make it of practical use. A frequently used way of describing a data analyst is saying that they translate numbers into plain English. Because data gathering has been initiated along the entire width of our market, data analysts are of great value in almost every work field imaginable. As a data analyst you can be of crucial assistance in companies in every sector and of every scale. As data analyst you can combine your passions and the causes you care about with your skills. Data analysis is actively applied in the financial sector, but also by NGO’s or cultural organisations.