Financial services

Jobs in the financial services can be found in an extremely wide range of environments. They can be found in the public, corporate and private sector. All these sectors share the same questions about how to choose what to invest in and how to gauge your financial decisions in a constantly changing market. Working in the financial services branch can mean working at some of the largest multinationals in the world, but also for smaller firms. You will usually perform a lot of your duties within the existing financial services framework and a quantitative mindset is always valuable within this industry. You will need to be able to oversee long-term projects and financial cash flows. In effect, you will be the wide-angle lens for your firm from a financial perspective and it will be your job to quantify complex tasks.

As a quant, financial services can be relevant through your ability to easily digest quantified data and make predictions based on this data. Within the financial services branch there are usually very well-developed careers with wide-ranging on-the-job training. Financial services often comprise a substantial bulk of a companies’ workforce, with many different work teams and specifications.