Finding the right industry and firm is just part of the story. Before you actually get the job, you have to compete with other hopefuls (in some cases from all over the world). How should you present yourself on the various media? What are the dos and don'ts when assembling a professional CV? How do you write the perfect cover letter that will make sure you will be sitting behind the table of your choice? And that is when the real deal starts.

To assist you in the process of getting the job you love, we have engaged in a strategic partnership with a firm that specialises in assisting and guiding job-seekers through this process. We have divided the process in two parts: application and the actual conversation. The first includes the way you present yourself on various media as well as on your CV and in your cover letter. The second part assists you from the moment you shake your future employer's hand until you walk out the door with a job offer.

Our partners, JobBootcamp, are experts in the field of coaching, recruitment and social psychology. On this part of the site, we will post relevant tips and tricks in all the above-mentioned fields.