Four aspects of application

Personal orientation and motivation
Gaining insights in your own intrinsic motivation and discovering how to use this powerful tool in an application process. Making a specific career step is essential from a realistic self-image. It might seem tempting to spread your chances by applying for a wide range of vacancies, while it might actually hamper your chances of getting a job. This is often an extremely important aspect that has been undervalued.

Application tools
Your application is assisted by your resume, cover letter and often LinkedIn profile. These should all have a minimal level of professionality, but beyond that can be specified dependent on your next career steps.

The search for the right vacancy
Where can you find the right job for you? Beyond the standard jobpages there is also a large proportion of vacancies that are filled be intermediaries or through proper networking. 

The conversation
This is obviously the make or break moment. Everything is important, ranging from posture and behaviour to conversation style.