The basic four for getting the job

Knowing your own motivation
Make sure you know why you want this specific job. This means knowing the answers to questions like 'Why is this the right job for you?'. With a thorough knowledge of your own motivation, you can take control of the conversation.

Know yourself
Having a thorough knowledge of your own strength and weaknesses, you greatly increase the ease with which you can answer questions about yourself or your career. Knowing that there are weaknesses associated with your strengths shows that you also understand the reason why your career developed the way it has and why this is the right next step.

Proper preparation
Your conversation partner prepares him- or herself by reading your CV and cover letter. You should prepare yourself by thoroughly reading the vacancy, look at the firm's website and google your conversation partner. How do they present themself on LinkedIn? Do they have a Twitter account and what do they post? Are their other sources of information and what do they tell you?

Conversation skills
By really listening and answering the questions you are asked, the conversation is automatically clear and comfortable. By weaving your motivation through the conversation, you can position yourself as an enthousiastic future employee. By taking initiative in the conversation, you show how you would function in your future job.